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We buy gold or silver jewelry such as rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, charms, bent or single ear rings etc... Condition does not matter. If your item is broken or damaged that’s OK. If you just want to get rid of old memories bring them in. We turn them into cash.

Why are we different? We will educate you by testing your items immediately right in front of you, not in some back room. You do not have to leave your items over night. We will pay you cash immediately when you choose to accept our evaluation.

If you choose to send in your items, we will evaluate them and email your funds to you within 48 hours from when we receive them. For security please call (403-235-1133) for mailing instructions as we will cover shipping costs.

How much you receive will depend on the weight, karat value and the market price of gold or silver when you come in. When buying precious metals we refer to the New York live market price on the internet. This ensures that you get most recent price. If you are not sure if pieces are gold bring them anyway. We will test them for free and let you know.

We pride ourselves in our honesty and fairness because we want to develop TRUST with our clients so they will REFER OUR SERVICES to family, friends and co-workers.


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